TIP AIRMIX 134-518-134 Spray Tip

Achieve unparalleled precision with the TIP AIRMIX 134-518-134, crafted for optimal spray patterns and efficient coating application. This tip is versatile, ensuring consistent results across diverse projects.

The TIP AIRMIX 134-518-134 stands out for its exceptional design and performance. Engineered for professionals who demand accuracy and efficiency, this spray tip offers an ideal spray pattern that ensures uniform and smooth coating application on various surfaces. Its design significantly reduces overspray, ensuring minimal paint wastage and a cleaner workspace. Whether tackling large-scale projects or focusing on intricate details, this tip is adaptable to a wide range of tasks. With multiple sizes at your disposal, select the perfect fit for your spray gun and specific application requirements. Elevate your spraying experience with the TIP AIRMIX 134-518-134.