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Location: 1410 E. Broadway Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85040

About M & S

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between machinery providers and small to medium-sized companies that require consistent maintenance and parts replacement. Over the years, we've noticed that many businesses lose their connection with providers, making access to replacement parts and technical support increasingly difficult. At Machinery & Solutions, we strive to be that vital link, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.
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Our Products & Services

We offer a broad spectrum of products and services, including filters, paper waste water recycling, chemical treatment, pneumatic parts and equipment, motors, gear boxes, belts, rubber wheels, rollers, electrical supplies, IR UV lamps, pumps, guns, sanding abrasives, CNC products, and safety products. We are also proud to be the official distributor of Vitap products.

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Our equipment consists of the highest-quality diving

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