Formeco Distiller DI 60

The Formeco Distiller DI 60 is an innovative solvent recovery system that offers unparalleled efficiency and environmental safety. Designed for industrial use, this distiller ensures high recovery rates and optimal performance in handling various solvents.

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The Formeco Distiller DI 60 stands out in the field of solvent recovery with its robust design and advanced technology. Ideal for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and painting, this distiller supports sustainable practices by efficiently recycling solvents. It features a user-friendly interface, automatic functions, and safety measures that comply with the latest environmental standards. The DI 60 is equipped with a high-performance condensing system that guarantees maximum recovery rates, reducing waste and operational costs. Its compact design makes it suitable for operations with limited space, yet does not compromise on capacity, handling up to 60 liters of solvent per batch. Invest in the Formeco Distiller DI 60 to enhance your company’s green credentials and operational efficiency.