Filter Paint Pocket G 20″ X 20″


Enhance your workshop’s air quality and efficiency with the Filter Paint Pocket G 20″ X 20″, available in a bulk case of 40. Designed for high durability and exceptional particle capture, these filters are ideal for professional use in any paint-intensive environment.

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The Filter Paint Pocket G 20″ X 20″ is an essential tool for professionals in automotive, industrial, and furniture finishing sectors. Each filter boasts a high-efficiency design, capturing 99.84% of airborne paint particles, thanks to its advanced spun polyester fiber construction. This not only ensures a cleaner, healthier workspace but also contributes to a superior finish on all your projects.

Available in a convenient bulk case of 40, these filters are perfect for businesses that require continuous, high-volume operations. The durable build of each filter resists clogging and maintains optimal airflow, extending the time between replacements and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Moreover, the eco-friendly design aligns with modern environmental standards, helping your business minimize its ecological footprint while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Ideal for:

  • Busy spray paint booths
  • High-demand industrial applications
  • Furniture finishing processes seeking high-quality results