The DPC-601 Disposable Cups & Lids system is designed for professional painters and finishers, offering a fast, efficient, and clean solution for mixing, storing, and applying paint. Perfect for reducing cleanup time and enhancing project efficiency.

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The DPC-601 Disposable Cups & Lids revolutionize painting and finishing projects by offering an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency. Designed to fit a wide range of spray guns, this system simplifies the paint application process, significantly reduces cleanup times, and minimizes waste. Each kit includes high-quality disposable cups and lids with built-in filters to ensure a smooth, even paint flow and flawless finish. Whether for small touch-ups or large-scale projects, the DPC-601 system is the ideal choice for professionals seeking to optimize their workflow, reduce overhead costs, and achieve impeccable results with every use. Embrace the future of painting with the DPC-601 Disposable Cups & Lids – where efficiency meets excellence.